It is an altcoin which can be used to transfer money anywhere in the world with low gas fee and highly secured by Ethereum blockchain newtwork, super fast trasaction speed, and of course an investment tool for the whole world.

The reason behind number of token and price is to give oppertunity to those countries whose currency is low and difficult to afford Bitcoin, Ethereum and others biggies.


As most of us have realized that cryto currencies are going to be the future of finance for the the qualities they carry, so keeping on mind that how important it could be in the life of people. We came together to give the world finacial freedom and a tool to invest.


The question will arise in public, there are so many other coins why is a FosCoin? The answer is just like any other token out there we are here with our own purposes, goals, values and areas that we want to target which we think are not covered by any other.


We as a team will be actively participating in different social causes aroud the globe(and for flat earther different part of the world). our team members from all around the world will bring local problems forwads and we altogether try to give it a voice so that it can be heard. Basically, the team will like you to join us as activist to bring wellness all around us. we are donating 10 trillion coins to a wallet which will be used for various nobel causes and purposes. Anybody will be able to add donation in this wallet.


We will try our best to bring it on as many as different trading plateforms as possible.

We will build project around it so that FosCoin can be used in real life.

one of our energectic team will be promoting our project around the various social networking websites in order to reach out to maximum people.


current price


Total Supply


FosCoin address: 0x1632a435935a28dc3363faea7776862cc5a9cc6d


Mahendra Rawal


Prhalad Rawal

Mani Joshi

Krishna Rawal

Will sun

Dipendra Bogati

Prakashman Thapa

Ashoka Bhattrai

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